A presentation by York RLA Committee Member and immigration expert from the Immigration Advisory Unit, Dr Frantz Iwu, on the new laws relating to the right to rent.

The coming into force of the Immigration Act 2014 introduced a right to rent scheme, which all private landlords in England including resident landlords are obligated to carry out.
From 1st of February 2016, all private landlords will have to carry out immigration checks on all new prospective tenants and occupiers otherwise they would expose themselves to civil and criminal penalties. There are strict procedures, which all private landlords must follow to avoid penalties and any potential criminal offence. 
Time permitting, this talk may include:
•   A briefing on current UK immigration law;
•   How British Citizenship can be acquired;
•   Who can enter or remain in the UK, and indefinite / time-limited visas;
•   The necessary checks and documents that are required;
•   How landlords can comply with the right to rent scheme;
•   Some frequently asked questions and scenarios;
•   Where to get help and an opportunity to ask questions.