So, the dust has now settled on the General Election campaign, with the Conservatives confounding the polls to secure a wafer-thin majority.

No doubt many of you will be relieved that, for the time being, issues such as rent controls, mandatory 3 year tenancies, a landlord register, and the creep of blanket licensing should be off the Westminster agenda.
However, it doesn’t mean you can relax.  The new Government will no doubt seek to roll out landlord immigration checks, and cuts to welfare budgets could see housing allowances reduced.  We can also expect more detail on the surprise Budget plans to encourage subletting.
Finally, there’s a raft of legislation left over from the last Government, due to take effect in the coming months and years, including measures to tackle ‘retaliatory’ eviction, minimum energy efficiency standards and the need to fit smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.
The RLA will be campaigning on your behalf, keeping you informed about the way changes will affect your business, and adapting training courses to ensure they are up-to-date.  The Landlord Advice Team is also on hand to assist with queries, the number is 03330 142998.

It is so important that the new Parliament understands the issues affecting landlords. That’s why on Monday the RLA will be launching a new facility to allow you to contact your MP quickly and easily.