The following email was sent out by Accommodation Services last week and we quote in full for those landlords who did not receive it. Important notes from York RLA are in RED.

Dear Landlord,

 Further to our recent newsletter regarding the discussions of the Code Committee, the educational institutions in York have decided to close the Code of Best Practise in June 2014 and support the Council’s YorProperty accreditation scheme.

 What does this mean for me as a landlord?

From June 2014, The University of York will no longer be advertising private sector properties.  

 Where do I advertise now?

(Note from York RLA: York RLA members can advertise FREE of charge on our property To Let website. it offers many more facilities than are available via the CYC website and will be promoted heavily to attract potential new tenants.)

Educational institutions and Student Unions will endorse and promote YorPropertyPlus houses to students through websites, publications and social media in the same way the Code properties have been promoted.

 The accreditation scheme has two standards; YorProperty and YorProperty Plus. The criteria for the standard of YorPropertyPlus has been designed to meet the standard of Code properties. You will be able to register as YorPropertyPlus if your property complies with Code standards.  The University  will encourage students to search for YorPropertyPlus houses.

 Charges & free registration for Code Landlords

YorProperty is designed to be self-funding.  There are therefore charges for registering with the scheme. The Council is offering to register all Code landlords free of charge for the first year if they register by the end of today (30 April 2014). You can register by clicking on  the Agent/Landlord box on the top right of the screen.  If you register today, the Council have asked that you do not upload photos or certificates yet – only register your property details.  This is because they have had a recent surge of landlords registering and are in the process of increasing the system’s memory size. If you have any difficulties registering your property details today, please email today in order to be eligible for the free registration.

 Postgraduate students due to arrive in September 2014

The next intake / arrival of students will be postgraduate students who will be looking for accommodation from Summer 2014. We will be directing these students to the YorProperty website and promoting the accreditation scheme.

 If you are a landlord who accommodates Postgraduate students or if you still have rooms / properties available, we recommend you register with YorProperty.  

 Find a Housemate – PG students

Find a Housemate event is planned to be held on Friday 5 September 2014. We will be contacting YorPropertyPlus landlords advertising accommodation nearer the time regarding arrangements for the event.  

 If you have any questions please do get in contact.

 Kind Regards

 Margaret Kuby


Accommodation Services

It should be noted that the landlords who sit on the Code of Best Practice Committee were unanimously in favour of retaining the Code of Practice and NOT adopting the Accreditation Scheme. Despite this, the Universities felt they should be seen to ‘support’ CYC scheme. This may be influenced by the fact that it saves them lots of work by passing all the work over to CYC and/or for other political reasons.