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Landlords Let Down by Government Tenancy Deposit Cap U-Turn

Despite claims from the Government that it wishes to provide more support to landlords and the private rental sector (PRS), the decision to cap tenancy deposits at six weeks has now been changed to five.  

TWELVE top tips for landlords over the festive season

Twelve top tips for landlords over the festive season.

Landlords must wait five months to gain possession of property through courts

It now takes more than five months on average for private landlords to regain possession of a property when applying to the courts, according to new data from the Ministry of Justice. Read more.....

Landlords, Brexit and the EU withdrawal agreement

Landlords, Brexit and the EU withdrawal agreement

NatWest to review policy on landlords renting to benefit claimants

Rented homes are urgently required, so why are landlords ‘underappreciated’?

‘Help to Sell’ to fix Britain’s property market: Would giving landlords a tax break to sell to long-term tenants work?

We've had Help to Buy and now a help to sell scheme has been suggested. New proposals could make it cheaper for landlords to sell homes to tenants - and could even gift buyers several thousands of pounds towards a deposit. Read more....

Rent arrears involving tenants on Universal Credit have surged, say landlords

Nearly two-thirds of private landlords with tenants receiving Universal Credit have experienced them going into rent arrears, a survey has found.  Read more....

It’s time to suspend ‘unfair’ Right to Rent scheme, says RLA

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Lib Dems want to introduce mandatory licences for private landlords

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